So, you need Entertainment for your event...

Let's be honest, most people don't hire a Entertainment for an event often. This is why you may ask the two most common questions to any vendor: 1) "are you available on my date?" and 2) "how much?" 

It's okay to ask these questions! But above all, a vendor should not be hired for such an important date in your life because they are available or affordable! 

Now, you may ask yourself: "what should I ask when speaking with an Entertainment company?" The answer is simple. You should ask "are you the right fit for my event?" 

While asking questions to your potential vendors is a great idea, your vendors should be returning the favor! Your vendor should be asking just as many, if not more questions, about your event to ensure that they can be of help. 

So here's our process: 

First, we meet for a consultation. During this consultation, your MC/DJ will ask you tons of questions necessary to confirm that we are the right fit! We understand that all events are unique, thus the reason why our packages aren't "one size fits all". 


Next, we meet again roughly 1-2 months to coordinate your event. This stage will require even MORE questions as it is now time to finalize the itinerary. During this meeting, you can discuss music preferences as well as any formalities that will be part of your event. Your MC will help you find ways to personalize your event!


Lastly, we rock your event! This is your opportunity to sit back and allow yourself to feel like one of the guests!